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A website is your shop window to the world. As such, you need the best. We create designs that are fast, easy to use and straight to the point – no over-engineering and no traces of style over substance.

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    Fast, well designed, and effective websites

    The key to online success is having a well-made website. A strong online platform can be the bedrock of all other marketing efforts. After all, every e-shot, social media post, brochure and banner will all point customers back to your website.

    Many websites are slow, full of complex and heavy bells and whistles that only serve to weigh a site down and make it harder to use. Or, they can be over-designed to a point where it is difficult to navigate and find what you are looking for.

    At Ikon, our web developers have decades worth of experience crafting concise, fast and productive websites. The website is one of the biggest parts of your online presence, and so we make sure we produce the best.

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    What makes a good website?

    Understanding what needs to be done from an SEO perspective is critical to success. Here are some of the ingredients we have mastered for online success.

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    The first question in any web design project should be; “what is the site needed for?”. This will determine every other factor, and introduces a measurable target right away.

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    Every website needs to be easy to use, easy to read, and easy to understand. As well as this, it needs to reflect your brand image in the right way, immediately.

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    A website’s speed can be a case of “make or break”. Slow websites are frustrating and hard to use, whereas fast sites are a pleasure. Speed is also a huge SEO factor that must be taken seriously.

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    If your site is slow, both humans and search engines will hate it! Our team of developers are experts at making any website as fast as possible, so you can out-pace the competition!

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    Your website needs to be used the way it needs to be. Having the right functionality on every page is crucial. This might be an e-commerce option or a simple contact form.

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    Mobile Friendly

    Your website has to work correctly and look amazing on every device possible. Our team will ensure that your site looks perfect on any phone, computer or tablet available.

    Our Website Process

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    Planning and Preparation

    Spending time ensuring that the foundations are built is arguably the most important part of the process. We spend time planning how the site will look, and how it will work.

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    Building the Site

    Once the site has been planned and greenlit, we will go ahead and build it. This is the easiest step, and often takes the shortest amount of time depending on the site.

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    Testing and Approving

    Once the site is built, we will put it through a thorough testing process. We will also seek your approval, and ask if there is anything else you want changing before launch day.

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    Launching the SIte

    Once the site is built and approved, it’s ready to launch! We handle the entire process of rolling the project out across the whole web. Once it’s 100%, you can sit back and enjoy!

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